Serena Williams Discriminated By… Shoemakers

Managers for the luxury shoe company Gianvito Rossi are under fire for discriminating against Serena Williams and its Black employees.

The legendary tennis player Serena Williams has been a customer of Gianvito Rossi for many years so she couldn’t even think of any racist attitude towards her. Though a former employee of the company claims differently.


Whitney Wilburn, who is also Black, alleges in a lawsuit against the company and the boss of its Manhatten boutique that  her “experience with Mazzilli left no doubt about Mazzilli’s racial animosity toward African-Americans.”


“For instance, when the world famous athlete Serena Williams, via her staff, asked for a discount on her extensive purchases, Gianvito managers responded with racially disparaging comments about Ms. Williams which made it clear that the company did not want African-American women to wear its shoes,” the suit claims.



The managers “referred to Ms. Williams as ‘disgusting’ and refused to offer any discount.” “When later pressured to do so by a contact at Vogue magazine, they offered only a fraction of the discount that white celebrities typically receive,”  according to court papers.



For racists, there is no difference between rich and poor, famous and infamous and so on but for justice and public there is. This company will never be punished unless Black people do it by spreading the information and ignoring the brand. We hope that Serena Williams will be the first to do so.

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