Wars That Rob Black People

Black people of America suffered from the wars in the past and they do suffer now, you just can't see.

African -Americans are tired of wars. We have forgotten that Black people were more than just Southern victims, the were active participants of the military operations; Black writers, political activists, doctors, nurses and soldiers helped bring victory to the North and advance the cause of civil rights in decades beyond.


World War I Forced thousands of Black southern farmers to abandon their property and move to the North.

During World War II African-American soldiers faced humiliation and discrimination from their white commanders not to mention being tortured and killed by the Nazis.


How many more? Black people had to participate the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as other minor conflicts. And each of these conflicts cost lives.


Now America is trying to enter the Syrian war which will mean sending troops and spending money to solve the problems and fight the imaginary injustice of a distant country while the Black lives are lost here, while many African-American families live in poverty, while we hear about the injustice here every other day. Wars rob Black people of their present and their future. Why don’t we want to fight for our own people?!

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