Racial Discrimination Scientifically Explained

There are lots of facts concerning racial discrimination Black people know too well and they don't need statistics to back these.

Very often an article concerning covert racism stars with  the words  “a new study says…” Maybe this is supposed to calm Black people down and persuade them that racial discrimination is reasonable and has some basis. Of course, it’s not true! Look at some examples – you’ve known that forever.

  1. Black kids at school get worse treatment than white kids. They are sent home, physically punished, suspended and finally kicked out.

2. Social networks, web applications etc. tend to be unexpectedly racist. Maybe it is due to people who create them and use them.

3. Your natural hair doesn’t seem natural at all to some whites.

4. Police are biased against you.

5. Doctors don’t believe you are really sick and don’t care if you are.

There are a lot more points in the list but what’s the use of them if being so well-informed nobody ever comes to action?


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