The Dark Tower And A Black Man

Watch a new trailer of 'The Dark tower' starring a gorgeous Black actor.

The news that a Black actor, Idris Elba, was chosen to play the lone Gunslinger Roland Deschain, who is tirelessly trying to protect the humanity from extinction was a surprise for many. After long months of anticipation and even longer years of development, the first official trailer for Stephen King’s science fantasy epic ‘The Dark Tower’ has been released. Now you can make your own conclusions about how suitable a Black man can be for fighting eternal evil and saving this world.

‘For a thousand generations the Gunslingers were knights… sworn to protect us from the coming of the dark…’

‘I want the fans to be satisfied by the character I portray especially since the characters are so well written in the book. However the wonderful thing with being an actor in film is that I am able to interpret the character and I hope the fans are proud of our interpretation,’ Elba said in an interview. We are looking forward to seeing the full movie in August.

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