White Supremacist Attacks Black Man

White Supremacist, James Scott Lee, was arrested after an attempt to stab a Black man.

A Houston man arrested on Wednesday, after he was spotted hurling racial slurs and attempting to stab a Black man at an apartment complex in the north-west of Harris County.


James Scott Lee, 32, was heard shouting, “I hate niggers, and I’m going to kill me one today,”  before waving a knife in front of his victims. Luckily, one of the victims (who remains unidentified) managed to escape by jumping into a car and locking the door.


“It’s shocking, even though things are happening like that lately; it still shocks that people would want to do this,” a local says of the incident.



We wish it was a mere coincidence, but it’s a definite step forward for domestic terrorism which results from the death of Timothy Caughman. We definitely don’t want the Texas white supremacist to benefit from being a copycat to Timothy’s killer, so let’s try to forget his name as soon as the justice is done.


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