Black Girl Earns College Degree At School

A Black girl, Raven Osborne, will become twice a graduate this spring.

Raven Osborne is a unique Black girl; while studying at school (and being far from gifted or brilliant) she managed to earn a college degree. “When I was younger, I was labelled with a learning disability,” Osborne remembers. “My mother always told me I could do whatever I wanted to do in life.” Though the Black girl‘s current teachers strongly disagree with the diagnosis. “She not only is academically gifted but has demonstrated amazing intellectual maturity in her pursuit of a baccalaureate degree at Purdue Northwest,” Purdue Northwest spokesman Wes Lukoshus told in an interview.

And now it’s hard to believe that hard work and persistence can bring such enormous results but Raven is going to graduate from Purdue University Northwest with a bachelor’s degree in sociology around two weeks before the Black teen graduates from school.

“Sophomore, that was the most work. I had five high school classes, four college classes,” she explains. “I was working a midnight shift at a day care center. I just had to watch the children while they were sleeping, then feed them breakfast when they woke up. It was a day care for parents who worked a night shift. It just got to be too stressful, and I had to resign,” she adds.

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