Bananas Found Hanging On American University Campus

After the first Black woman became student government president bananas were found hanging on American University campus

American University’s campus is once again under a cloud of racial turmoil. Bananas marked with the letters “AKA,” a reference to the historically Black college sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha, were found hanging from nooses at three campus locations on Monday, NBC News Washington reports.

AU president, Neil Kerwin, released a statement describing what happened as a “crude and racially insensitive act of bigotry.”  He noted that the incident occurred after the first Black woman, AKA member Taylor Dumpson, was sworn in as the student government president.


He announced that an investigation by campus police and the D.C. Metro Police Department is underway, and vowed to do everything to find those responsible. In the meantime, Kerwin will hold a meeting on Tuesday to discuss the incident with the campus community.

In September 2016, a few hundred demonstrators rallied at the school’s campus in the District of Columbia to demand more action and less talk from the school’s administration to address alarming racist incidents. In one of the incidents, a Black female student discovered rotten bananas and obscene drawings on her dorm room door.

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