Shot fired! Shot fired! Hands Up – Action Before Command

Another coldblooded murder by two white Cops in Seattle.

A 47-year-old black man, Che Andre Taylor, was fatally shot by two police officers, Michael Spaulding and Scott Miller, on Sunday February 20. According to reports, the officers were conducting surveillance that afternoon and Taylor was unfortunate to be at the scene. He was well known and deeply beloved said Gerald Hankerson, Seattle-King County NAACP President.

After the brutal murder, the police officers manipulated on the surveillance video they took and released it on the following day. Unfortunately for them, they left a clue at the end of the video. Yes, the voice of an officer reporting “Shot fired! Shot fired! Hands up”. They’d shot Taylor first before giving orders.
The attorney representing Taylor’s family and the civil right group, James Bible told authorities that the police might have other videos of the scene that is contradictory to what they’ve released.

Every time white cops get in business with black people, armed or unarmed, the black guys end up dead. It’s like that’s what they’ve been trained for. Report says that these officers, Michael and Scott are on paid leave while investigations continue. Wow! That’s really impressive. You kill someone and you go sit at home whilst you get your normal pay. Is that justice?

Well, together we can make a change in the society.Share the news and help fight injustice.

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