Black Yale Students Share Motivational Video

9 Black male Yale students continue to share their Ivy League Experience.

21-year-old Ahmad Akintunde who has recently posted an image of himself and his nine Black male friends at the Ivy League school and made the hashtag #BlackMenofYaleUniversity viral has added a video telling the stories of some Black Yale students.  The post featuring some of the guys in a video has gathered around 14,000 retweets and 30,000 likes.

“I definitely can’t speak for all Black men at Yale,” Ahmad told in an interview. “But, for myself, I’ve found my experience to be fairly comfortable, as many of the issues I dealt with on a daily basis surrounding gun violence and trauma in high school just don’t exist on my college campus.”

“Originally, we all had our struggles with adjusting to a college atmosphere that was not representative to the environments we grew up in. But, we embraced the change and turned to each other for support to make sure that we all continued to thrive, [whether] in academics, on our sports teams or in our social lives.”

You know what makes these photos and the video so powerful? The fact that being Yale students didn’t change these Black guys, they managed to achieve some very serious results without losing their racial and cultural identity. Now everyone can see that you do not need to sacrifice your Blackness and you charm to study in a prestigious college.

“The greater message behind these photos is that we are Black men first and Ivy League students second,”  Ahmad added. “Our school doesn’t define us, but we did want to showcase what our Ivy League experience looks like.”



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