Progressive Group Thinks Obama Should Nominate a Woman of Color for Supreme Court

President Barack Obama says he intends to nominate a Supreme Court justice, despite objections from Republicans.

There have been several cases on the rise after the death of Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia.

A group of concerned individuals are calling on President Barack Obama to consider a woman of color to the Supreme Court.

History had it that ever since the Supreme Court of America in 1789, out of all 112 justices, 106 were all white men excluding the role play of women. This has affected women in diverse ways by limiting their access to abortion; rolling back of voting rights and also taking sides with corporations over people.

On the contrary, Republicans have however vowed to disapprove with any nomination Barack Obama puts up. The reason being that he might appoint a progressive nominee who will change the ideologies of the Supreme Court.
They also made it clear that it would be wiser if this decision is left to the next president to make since it is very close to the end of his tenure.

DFA Executive Director Charles Chamberlain said,”Nominating Sandoval to the Supreme Court would not only prevent grassroots organizations like Democracy for America from supporting the President in this nomination fight, it could lead us to actively encouraging Senate Democrats to oppose his appointment.”

The only option for Obama is to nominate a very strong progressive candidate who has already been through the Senate for a lower court,which would deliberately delay the process of change in the Supreme Court.

However, in other for President Barack Obama to sail through with the Supreme court nominees, he needs the votes of all 46 senate Democrats and at least 14 Republicans.

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