LA Riots – 25 Years On

L. A. riots are rightfully considered among the most significant rebellions in African-American history.

Saturday marked 25 years since one of the biggest and most violent acts of protest in modern American history, which involved days of rebellion largely led by L.A.’s Black residents. Fights broke out, buildings were burned, more than 50 people were killed, over 2,000 were injured and the city suffered $1 billion in property damages.



“The L A riots impacted black activism in a way that keeps the movement honest and accountable to the plight of people who are living on the margins, living in poverty, living under the most violent oppression,” said Tia Oso, the national organiser for the Black Alliance for Just Immigration. But for many people standing against something is not so important than having something to stand for.


“I’m somebody who believes protest is important, and I’m somebody who believes protest is not enough,” Alicia Garza, a well-known activist, said. “It’s also important to change culture, to change the way we understand what’s happening around us, to change social norms, to change our values ― and there’s a role for everybody to play in that.”



As you can see from the comments above for some Black people L. A. riots became a turning point, for the other – brought about a personal tragedy but anyway they changed something very serious and important in our lives. It’s up to you to decide, how much America has changed through these 25 years but don’t forget, that all the changes to be made now are up to you.

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