School Principal Sacked For Offering Reverse Segregation

White Fla. school principal offers the segregation of white students so they can feel comfortable.

Christine Hoffman, the white school principal at St. Petersburg, Fla.’s Campbell Park Elementary, lost her position after offering the teachers to segregate white students from the Black students so that the white students could feel comfortable. Campbell Park Elementary’s student population includes 606 students, and only 49 are white.


There were no registered facts of the bullying or anything of the kind at this school. “The parents said that as black people we are used to being the only black person in the classroom and no one is making sure we are comfortable,” a local community member said. “The parents were not accepting of any excuse. We accept your apology, but you have to go.”


“You have so many Caucasian white parents who knew of this school being a low-graded school,” another local added. “If white students wanted their children to attend another school, they would’ve placed them there. They did not. So who is Mrs. Hoffman to decide to separate the whites from the Blacks?”

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It’s a duty of the school principal to do her best to improve the atmosphere at school regardless its rating but it’s more than obvious that segregation hasn’t done any good to anyone. We’d say that feeling different is rather useful for the white kids as it may protect them from becoming racists in future.

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