Serena Williams Tells More About Her Pregnancy

The tennis pro, Serena Williams, reveals some unexpected details of expecting a child.

Do you remember the famous yellow bathing suit with the caption “20 weeks”? You’s be surprised to know that it was actually supposed to be private.

“I was on vacation, taking time for myself, and I have this thing where I’ve been checking my status and taking a picture every week,” Serena Williams tells. “I’ve been just saving it, but you know how social media is — you press the wrong button and … My phone doesn’t ring that much, and 30 minutes later, I’d missed four calls. So I picked it up and realized, ‘Oh no.’”

Williams had found out that she was going to become a mother only two days prior to the Australian Open which she won in January. “I was nervous. I wasn’t quite sure what to think, but I knew that at that moment, it was really important for me to just focus,” she said in an interview.

But that wasn’t all. Recently Serena has had to face racist comments about her baby made by 70-year-old Nastase, Romania’s Fed Cup captain and a former U.S. Open and French Open singles champion. Williams’ graceful reply has shattered the Internet.

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