Workplace Diversity Tackled In New Ad

HP releases an ad promising more workplace diversity.

HP’s minute-long spot, which will be posted in digital media including paid social networks, opens a series of videos that will highlight discrimination and diversity issues as part of HP’s “Reinvent Mindsets” campaign.

The new ad is “intended to raise awareness around the ingrained biases that exist in the hiring process,” Lesley Slaton Brown, HP’s first chief diversity officer, claimed. “It’s meant to wake people up and get people talking about this,” she added.

The video begins with the depiction of the Black job candidates on interviews which always end with the dreaded words, “We’ll be in touch.” “When qualified for a job,” text on the screen comments, “African-Americans are 3x more likely to experience a denial.”

“Unconscious bias is very prevalent,” Carissa Romero, a partner at three-year-old consulting firm Paradigm, explain. “Unless companies are actively putting processes in place to manage it, then it’s likely impacting not just decision-making for recruiting and hiring but also for when people get to the workplace.”

We wish HP good luck in their attempt to increase workplace diversity! Hopefully, the video will make the managers and HRs of other companies reconsider their attitudes.

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