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Hello all!
I’m Whitney Anderson, owner of the online store, Unconditional Prowess.
Unconditional Prowess is a place to find crochet, knit and hand sewn items. You may also make custom requests. I personally make and ship all of the items listed in my shop.
The idea of starting a business came to me in 2013 when I began to crochet again after over 10 years of going without it. I decided to make a grey teddy bear for my son, and when I posted a picture of him getting acquainted with the bear, my friends and family began to make requests for other animals. I opened my online shop at the end of 2013 and began to sell items in 2014. In the beginning, I had a hard time keeping up with the requests. I eventually figured out that I just needed to give myself more time to create. Read more here.
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