Missouri Republicans Want To Cut Mizzou’s Budget To Punish Peaceful Protesters

GOP lawmakers want to punish students, who protested because they were tired of being mistreated, by charging them more fees to attend the university.

State Republican House Budget Chairman Tom Flanigan proposed to cut $8 million from Mizzou’s budget in order to punish students who protested racism on campus last fall and university officials who did not take enough action to prevent the protests.

“They are there to learn, not to protest all day long. I thought we learned that lesson in the ’60s. Obviously we haven’t,” State Rep. Donna Lichtenegger said.
So, actually, Donna Lichtenegger ignores the fact that racism is still a problem (racism on campus, in particular) and wants students to stop talking about it. Well, if you personally don’t see a problem, it doesn’t mean that the problem doesn’t exist.

Students started protesting because of multiple incidents of racism on and near campus. Instead of solving this problem, Republicans want to make things worse.

Students should not be silent about issues that they are worried about; they should feel free to express their opinions in order to attract the authorities’ attention without the threat of rising tuition costs.

Republican pettiness is showing. Their so-called “revenge” is pathetic.

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