Black Kids Deserve Future

Black kids are rarely given the benefit of the choice.

Being a Black child in America is harder than any white adult can imagine. There are problems no one has ever heard of in the white world. Let’s have a look.

  1. There are no books for you

“I think that, you know, if you go to a bookstore, you don’t see a lot of books for children of color in general. So I knew that I wanted to write books — I actually have a niece that’s 8 years old — and it’s important to me for her to see books with children that look like her. You know, not just her just any kid in general but I think that there are not enough books for us on shelves,”  Crystal Senter-Brown says.  That is why she started writing books for Black kids herself.


2. You are often mistreated at school or kindergarten

Data shows that just as Black people are more likely to get incarcerated than white people for the same crime, African-American kids are more prone to face corporal punishment compared to their white mates.

3. There are no teachers who understand you

An African-American Professor of the Columbia University, Christopher Emdin, claims that white teachers have little or no understanding of minority cultures, little knowledge about the root of poverty or educational racism, but their concern is directed to where the “bad nut” students are coming from.

4. You are lucky if you live with both parents

A recent research by Annie E. Casey Foundation reveals that more than five million children in U.S. have had a parent in jail at some point in time and most of these men incarcerated are people of color.

5. Even your hairstyle is always at stake

For example, The Butler High School in the official regulation has banned some of the most common natural Black hairstyles, including dreadlocks, “cornrolls” (was written instead of cornrows), twists, mohawks.

This list has no end and as a result Black kids are deprived of any chance for happy future. Let’s stop it! When you come across injustice or discrimination, don’t pass by – maybe you don’t need to cope with it for yourself, you do – for your children!

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