Charleston Church Massacre Victims Relieved But…

Dylann Roof has pleaded guilty to state murder charges in the Charleston church massacre of nine black worshippers.

Charleston Church Massacre shocked America. The was murder so cruel and so bold that even our justice system known for its tardiness and prejudice couldn’t allow it to fade away. 9th Circuit Solicitor Scarlett Wilson was pursuing the death penalty for the nine murder charges, but she agreed to accept the guilty plea instead. Roof was already sentenced to death by a federal jury on 33 counts for the June 2015 attack on the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church earlier this year.


The move lets Roof avoid his second death-penalty trial buys him the 9th life sentence and leaves him awaiting execution in federal prison.

roof2 roof3

The action also allows the surviving victims and the grieving families of the deceased to be relieved from the burden of going through the hell of court procedures again.

roof4 roof5

Roof is a monster, he still showed no remorse for what he did.  “I do not shed a tear for the innocent people that I killed,” he wrote in the jailhouse journal. Of course, the sooner he and his name are buried the better, but it would do the system a power of good if he had been tried as a terrorist and the state wouldn’t spare his life so easily.

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