Black Teacher Can Help To Increase Performance

Having at least one Black teacher in the third through fifth grade solves several serious issues.

A new study by titled “The Long-Run Impacts of Same-Race Teachers” arranged by Dr. Constance Lindsay, a public administration and policy professorial lecturer at American University, and her colleagues tells that diversity in teaching is really an issue.


The study found that, in North Carolina, having a Black teacher in grades 3 through 5 “significantly reduced the probability of dropping out of high school among low-income Black males by seven percentage points, or 39 percent.” It also increases the possibility that Black girls and boys will be eager to attend a four-year college.



“The findings show that diversity is a necessity for children of color, really for all children, but children of color in particular,” Dr. Ashley Griffin, K-12 interim research director at The Education Trust, said.

school3 school5

“The lack of strong dosage effects suggests an important policy implication: the number of Black teachers need not be dramatically increased to close racial gaps in educational attainment,” the study states. “Rather, our results suggest that efforts to match Black students with at least one Black teacher in primary school could begin immediately, by thoughtfully matching students to current teachers.”

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