How African-American Kids Are Treated By America’s Criminal Justice System

A criminal defense Lawyer and also a legal blog writer in North Carolina, T. Greg Doucette, aired his view on America’s criminal justice system.

Doucette started by making it clear in his tweets that he does not hate the police and that his view point of a teacher is as same as a policeman. “When a teacher decides to rape a student, we don’t demonize all teachers. But, at the same time, no sane person denies there are teacher-rapists and teachers who suck at job.”

A 17-year-old black male who happened to be Doucette’s client was charged with reckless driving to endanger, Doucette said. According to this “YBM,” as Doucette called him, was trying to avoid hitting a cat which wrongly darted onto the road. This young boy in his capacity was able to swerve hitting the cat.

The report made by the police officer who was assigned to the case read, “Neighbor saw driver donuts in the street nearly hit wife.” “Skid marks show clear 360 degree circles. Driver claimed he was trying to avoid hitting cat.”

Lawyer said the mom took pictures because of the distrust she had for the officer. Surprisingly, none of the officer’s report was valid like he stated, but contrary to the actual truth. The tracks of the car tire never showed 360 degree like the officer stated in his report. There wasn’t any attempt of hitting a neighbor’s wife.

Now Officer wrongfully charged an innocent kid and clearly lied on official court document, and such an officer goes scot-free. “Even though this “YBM” is vindicated, he is traumatized because he was scared and whaling,” Doucette said.

This is someone who swore an oath to be faithful and protect his people, and now he has become a terrible liar, yet goes unpunished. The intention of the young boy was clean but was at the verge of facing trial, and the state seems not to care about all these.

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