FBI Tries To ‘Honor’ MLK

FBI who worked against Martin Luther King Jr. 'honors' anniversary of assassination, gets backlash

The FBI, on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination Tuesday, tweeted a tribute to the slain civil rights leader, despite long-held conspiracy theories that the domestic spy agency had a hand in King’s death.


Both quotes are far cries from what J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI director during the height of the civil rights movement said about the man he tried to discredit.

“Dr. Martin Luther King is the most notorious liar in the country,” Hoover said ahead of King’s 1964 trip to Oslo, Norway to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

The FBI was also behind unprecedented surveillance of King, and was believed to have been the author of a blackmail letter urging King to kill himself, a King suspicion later confirmed by a Senate committee.

The FBI tribute set off a social media backlash.


The smear campaign was part of the FBI’s COINTELPRO initiative —short for Counterintelligence Program– which was launched in 1956 to disrupt the activities of the Communist Party .


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