Timothy Caughman’s Funeral – Sadness And Hypocrisy

Mayor Bill de Blasio's speech at the funeral of Timothy Caughman sparks controversy.

Timothy Caughman‘s  funeral was held in Queens on April 1. The death of the Black man has been acknowledged as an act of domestic terrorism. That is why some people who came to say their final farewell to Timothy were not too pleased to hear Bill de Blasio’s speech.



In some done to death language, the mayor spoke of living “in a state of joy” and working “hard to try and find the joy sometimes even when it’s staring us in the face.” Not many of the mourners seemed to have found joy in these words.

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“Forces of hate have been unleashed in recent months,” the mayor added. “We owe it to Timothy to do something more. We have to actively reject hate.”

The speech was long, it contained the words of praise towards Timothy and words of condemnation towards his killer, but was it really what citizens would expect from their mayor in such a situation? You may like or dislike what De Blasio said but care much more about what he didn’t. The problem exists and quite many Black people feel unsafe so we would like to hear about real measures that would be taken to make the list of the racist terrorism victims as short as one name.

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