Balck Females – Winners and Victims

Black Women's Roundtable has some statistics on Black females, it is both spirit-stirring and frightening.

The Black Women’s Roundtable published its fourth annual report recently, it sheds some light on the future prospectives for Black females and the issues that affect them most.

Good news first: Black females have lately received more degrees (67% of Associate Degrees earned by Black people and 65% of Bachelor Degrees), they got more successful in business (around 1.9 million Black women owned firms in 2016, employing 376,500 workers and generating $51.4 billion worth of income) and even in politics (they were the largest demographic group to cast ballots during the 2008 and 2012 elections).

But not all the data was so cheering. Black girls are still sent to the juvenile corrective facilities more often than their white counterparts, they are accused of being uncontrollable. And what’s the worst, over 40% of sex trafficking victims are Black females. They outnumber White (25.6%), Hispanic (23.9%) Asian (4.3%) and Other (5.8%) victims.

To gain more inspiring statistics and increase the number of winners among African-American women it is crucially important to force the government address the above listed issues and and

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