James Jackson – Something You Don’t Know

For us, James Jackson is a racist, murderer, monster... And many are wondering who brought him up this way.

James Jackson, the white terrorist who murdered Timothy Caughman and was going to kill as many Black men as he could, is a terrorist. There is no excuse for him. All Black America is outraged both by what he did and even more by what he was going to do.

Nobody thinks well neither of him nor of his close ones. That is why you might be surprised to know that this supremacist comes from a family of a man who fought for the rights of Black people.

Ernest Merklein Jr., Jackson’s grandfather, was a member of the Caddo Parish school board in Shreveport, La., in the late 1960s and helped the district through integration. “He was very pro-integration,” Shreveport lawyer Art Carmody remembers. “He was very pro-Black people.

Sadly, James Jackson seems to be in denial of his family heritage. In the interview with The News, he said his grandfather had crosses burned on his lawn in Louisiana.

You may be asking yourself what could have influenced Jackson’s  views so adversely. The answer is clear: racism can come into your life from anywhere: from friends, from work, from the military service, that is why we don’t stop telling how dangerous it is.

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