Clothing Line Honors Black Intellects With Their Own Fictional Colleges

Philadelphia Printworks discovered by Maryum Pugh has created a line of six shirts that represent fictional colleges modeled around historic black leaders to honor Black history month.

A Philadelphia Printworks, an activism and inclusion – driven screen printing company is honoring black history month by giving to students their own fictional universities modeled after their works.

This idea won’t just stop; it would, however, intend to expand on it by creating more colleges with leaders of other races and ethnicities.

In 2011, Maryam Pugh, the founder of Philadelphia Printworks, created a line of six crewnecks named “The School of Thought” which depicts the names of imaginary colleges modeled after each figures respective craft or filed.

Pugh said, “What we wanted to do was to imagine a future in a different world where these universities and schools and institutions actually exist.” “It kind of allowed those imagined institutions as a place where they follow the curriculum and the ideas, morals and values of the names of the people that we chose on the sweaters.”

Pugh also stated that people of color are typically depicted in a negative light therefore the School of Thought is just the first of many ways to impart positive ideas and mindsets into the society of color.

He also believes that the School of Thought will help black children become more knowledgeable about their own history in other to know more than just Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks, who were amazing leaders but our history is so rich and no one should be overlooked.

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