50 Shades Of Black By Kat Bahadur

An Instagram post by beautician Kat Bahadur gathered 20k likes. Wanna know why?

Look at this pretty lady,  who has recently shattered the Internet creating a burning post. Kat Bahadur made and shared a photo where she’s wearing six shades of black skin tones.


“God, if you gave me any shade, I’d rock it! Beauty in colors,” the young beautician said.


And she definitely did rock! Bahadur gathered an audience who shared her point of view and found the post got to be a positive affirmation of their own skin tones as well as inspiring unity amongst Black people and their various tones.

kat2 kat4 kat1

We appreciate the ingenious approach Kat Bahadur used to tackle the issue of racism. It’s very important to remember that, in reality, no one needs to justify or affirm the color of his or her of skin. People are created different but all bear the stamp of divine beauty.

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