Historic African-American Town Official Pleads For Help

Historic African-American town Princeville destroyed twice by hurricane and lacks any support to rebuild it

The town manager of Princeville says he’s frustrated because the historic African-American town destroyed twice by hurricane-induced floods in 17 years isn’t getting the help it needs to rebuild.

Daniel Gerald says the town of 2,200 people needs immediate help from state and federal officials with temporary housing.

Princeville was destroyed by Hurricane Floyd in 1999 and Hurricane Matthew in October. After Floyd, the town was able to rebuild with the help of temporary housing.

FEMA says it changed Princeville’s flood zone after Matthew to one that’s more flood-prone, which means it cannot put temporary housing in the town limits. A spokesman says FEMA has set up 38 units in Edgecombe County.

Gerald says he got no good answers during a meeting Thursday with the governor’s disaster recovery expert.

Another African-American town is being ignored by our government . That’s no coincidence that such settlements receive the least amount of help after disasters. And this is not the only case, there are dozens of cities that are majority black and need help.

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