Black Lives Matter Mocked By White Racists

Whites showed disrespect to Black Lives matter Movement in a most tasteless manner possible.

Some disgusting racist craft-beer lover from Birmingham, Ala., posted the picture of a bottle with this ‘custom designed’ label to Instagram.

stouts1 stouts2

Ralph Marion, the guy who shared the pic to Instagram on Feb. 15, disapproved of its idea.  “They made a parody of a very serious issue,” he said. “I just find this being clueless of the times that we are living in right now and how it could make people feel.”

stouts3 stouts4

Most Interne users agreed with him but there were others, who supported the racist brewers.


Regardless of one’s position on the Black Lives Matter movement, this joke is revolting. The more revolting is the fact that it’s authors wished to remain anonymous as they obviously agreed with the angry tweets given above.

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