Cops trespass on 70-year-old woman’s property, harass her and arrest her in the end

Have the police lost it completely so as to utterly disrespect an elderly woman, invade her house, just because of an alleged GPS signal?

The irresponsible acts of the Police keep on rising day in day out. This time round it’s not a young armed or unarmed black man, but a 70-year-old educator.

The Police lost it to the furthest extent that they even refuse to respect simple human rights and respect for property.
“I have never experienced anything so terrible and all the days of my life,” Judy Cox said.
“They destroyed my home and left without any explanation.”

Simply providing a warrant would have kept the cops clean, but no, they never come clean.

For roughly handling the 70-year-old educator, these cops deserve to be charged with assault on the old woman. But again no, instead they charged her, an old woman, who was only rightfully trying to get her purse back.

“I asked what are you doing? Everything that was in my purse I earned,” Cox said. Moments later the officer already got physical with her.

“He slammed me against the wall so hard that my hair fell off, my wig,” she said.

In her attempt to get her purse, she unintentionally scratched the officer’s face.

“Then they tell me oh you assaulted a police officer. I said I’m sorry I was reaching for my purse. They arrested me and handcuffed me in front of my grandchildren and my children and took me to jail,” she said.

Unsurprisingly, the cops found nothing after searching her home.

It’s high time Cops got better training. Because who knows what will be happening next. Cops will be compared to armed robbers, who barge into homes, demanding anything they want, taking things by force and causing harm to people.

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