Eric Garner’s life is worth more than any amount!!!

The $1 million settlement by Staten Island Hospital to Eric Garner's Family doesn't serve anything close to bringing back Mr. Garner. Justice isn't Served.

Family of Eric Garner received a $1 million settlement from the hospital center that dispatched paramedics and treated Eric as he died after being placed in a chokehold by a NYPD officer .

This settlement is not related to the earlier $5.9 million settlement paid by the city in July. Also, details about the settlement are confidential.
The center didn’t make any comments about it.

Official documents revealed that the paramedics didn’t provide necessary aid to Garner after he was placed in a chokehold. The hospital suspended two paramedics and two emergency medical technicians without pay. However, no criminal charges have been filed in his death.

Can all this money bring Eric back? Justice still hasn’t been served. Let’s not forget about it. The fight is not over.

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