“A Black Person Voting For Clinton Is Like A Jewish Person Voting For Hitler”

Black Nationalist offers interesting explanation on why a Black person voting for Clinton is like Jews voting for Hitler- Is he off base?

A trending video on You-Tube captures how Black Nationalist Shakem Akhet compared the Clintons to Adolf Hitler. The Young Turks reporter Jordan Chariton offered a word of caution and a lesson in media optics.

According to Akhet, “We know that under the Clinton regime that he instituted the ‘Three Strikes’ policy, and actually increased the amount of black men in prison, black men and women in the prison system, where you have blacks getting caught with a gram of crack cocaine, and getting a life sentence.”
Chariton, who happens to be the reporter asked Akhet,” Do you think it’s a little strong to compare her — or Bill — to Hitler? I mean, I’m a Jew, so rounding them up, sending them to gas chambers, I think, is a little different than mass incarceration. I’m not condoning mass incarceration, especially for weed and crack cocaine. Bill Clinton didn’t put them into gas chambers. So I don’t think it’s a fair comparison. I’m not saying black people being jailed isn’t taking their lives. I’m just saying, one is genocide, one’s imprisonment.”

Akhet responded to this question and explained further in the video below. Take a watch at the video and get the full story.

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