Magic Johnson’s Promotion Makes ESPN Hosts Fight

Los Angeles Lakers’ recent announcement of Magic Johnson's new appointment caused a conflict between two sports broadcasters.

Radio host Dan Le Batard in his ESPN morning-radio show criticised Magic Johnson’s promotion to the position of Los Angeles Lakers’  new president of basketball operations.


“But Magic Johnson was given a late-night television show because he’s famous and charming. Failed in 11 shows. Magic Johnson was given a head coaching job of the Lakers because he’s famous and charming. Failed in 16 games. Magic Johnson, not interesting as a broadcaster, given broadcasting opportunity after broadcasting opportunity, because he’s famous and charming. And, now, he gets to run the entire Lakers organization because he’s famous and charming,” Le Batard said.


Famed NFL wide receiver-turned-broadcaster Keyshawn Johnson took these words as a personal offence so he didn’t hesitate to answer. “I can’t tolerate this dude! I can’t tolerate him saying these things about Magic Johnson because his facts are completely wrong! He got a talk show coming out of the NBA because they were trying a late-night talk show with African Americans, and he’s a guy in the city of L.A. who everyone liked. The talk show business is hard! How many people fail at it?”


And this was the moment when Le Batard turned racial. “I’m going to read between the lines; I’m going to read between the lines on this one,” he said. “To me, he saying because he’s a black dude, that’s the way I look at it … ”




The internet users regardless the color of their skin were one at thinking that doesn’t fit on ESPN and we completely agree with them. We also think that Magic Johnson is a great sportsman and his Black charm is just a good addition to his professionalism.

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