Ramal Shine – Life In Clothes

We continue to introduce you talented Black designers, who are going to take part in Black Fashion Week USA 2017.

Chicago designer Ramal Shine has had an interest in art since early childhood. The creativity once lapped into a more creative fashion design at the age of 12, with the help of an 8th-grade art project.



Through free styling, a design which grabbed much attention during an 8th-grade field trip, Ramal gained more interest into not only making clothes, but having an individual style and integrating his creations into fashion designs.

After some self-education, Ramal became a tailor and soon his hobby turned into a profession.

Ramal then and now continues to work creating and building a brand of statement apparel called LIC, Life in Clothes. As well as the RSDC. Developing the style from the point of LIC was no longer a hobby and now Ramal is step by step gathering his portfolio which contains freestyles and 1 of 1 designs.

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