Twitter Users Show What It’s Like Being Black And Muslim

Twitter hashtag #BeingBlackAndMuslim shows the experience of Black Muslims today

Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative (Muslim ARC) relaunched the hashtag on Twitter # to show the difficulties of Black people who stuck between Muslims and non-Muslim communities. It’s not the newest situation, probably the most famous Black Muslim Malcolm X suffered from this too in his time.

Black people have a unique path in everything. No matter of your religious priorities we should support each other!

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A little bit of backstory. In November of 2013 Dawud Walid, Executive Director of the Michigan chapter of the Council of American-Islamic Relations, publicly called out Arab Muslims for their popular use of the term “abeed”, a slur used to describe black people, meaning “slave.” Dawud was met with varying responses, some apologetic and others indifferent. What was clear was the number of Arab youth adamant about continuing to refer to black people as abeed. Showing that the racism runs deep y’all. In support of his campaign, what is now Muslim ARC, created to challenge and effectively address racism in Muslim communities, launched the hashtag on Twitter #BeingBlackAndMuslim in February 2014 in honor of Black History Month.

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