University of Alabama petition to honour Harper lee and “take down” name of KKK leader J.T. Morgan

Jessica Hauger, a white history major student leads the way for racial equality through an online petition to change the Morgan Hall name.

The Washington post have it that an online petition by students of the University of Alabama, if seen through, will be a “parting- with the past” changing point in the history of the university and will go a long way to pave way for racial equality in the prestigious university.

The possible renaming of the Morgan Hall, which is located on the university’s Tuscaloosa campus, has been on the national debate after white student Jessica Hauger, started an online petition, stating her case clearly:

“…the University has an amazing chance to show our support for racial equality, as well as to honor the legacy generally of a woman who promoted kindness and empathy for all. Harper Lee was doubtless the University’s greatest contribution to literature, and it would be more than fitting for our English building to bear her name, which reflects so much more accurately the values of the University of Alabama, than that of white supremacist John Tyler Morgan.”

Within days of it’s posting online, the petition gained over 2,300 digital signatures.

The Morgan Hall naming honoured Confederate general John Tyler Morgan, a former U.S. senate who is also a popularly known leader of the Khu Klux klan, for his contribution to rebuilding of the university after the Civil War.

An amazed Jessica said: “I thought it would get some backlash,”. “But people started signing way more quickly than I imagined they would. This response surprised her.

Great feats like Jessica’s should be brought to the light. Lets share this post to support her action.

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