This Is How Cop Treated A Handicapped Man

Illinois cop told disabled man photography is a crime and refused to take IA Report.

A video tape featured an Illinois cop accusing a disabled man of being a criminal for recording, then denying his right to file an international affairs complaint while trying to cover up with an ACLU overturned unconstitutional law.

When the disabled man tried to make his complaint to Village of Merrionette Park Police for stopping him from riding in the public right-of-way, a uniformed officer informed the disabled man that he was not giving consent for him to record their interaction.

“What was the report number, because my attorney wants that?” asked the photographer

“I’m not having this conversation,” said the Marrienette Park officer. “Are you recording me? You have no right to record me, I’m not consenting.”

“It’s for my safety,” said the disabled man recording his attempts to file a police complaint, “It’s going on YouTube.”

It wasn’t the first salvo against the First Amendment fired by the Chicago border-town’s heavily staffed police, but it upped the ante, accusing the man (in not so many words) of committing a felony for recording his attempts to petition his local cops for relief.

For the reason this disabled man wanted to have the recording was quite ambiguous from the beginning, but as the conversation prolonged a bit, all reasons became precise.

He has been harassed by officers for not riding on a sidewalk that doesn’t exist. It’s quite hilarious when it seems police officers do not find themselves better works to engage themselves rather than sitting on the heads on such people.

A perfect replica of a bad and useless police officer is this Collins. Expulsion shouldn’t be an option. check the video below and get the full details.

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