Racists Boycott Netflix Over ‘Dear White People’ Trailer

‘Dear White People’ Trailer gains attention from racists who want to boycott Netflix

Te TV show based on Justin Simien’s film Dear White People made huge waves when it debuted at Sundance in 2014, and it’s finally coming to Netflix on April 28. And if the trailer is anything to go by, it’s going to be downright amazing.

The trailer, which dropped Wednesday, looks just as good as the big screen original and is so clearly relevant.

Twitter had a meltdown over the trailer, not only celebrating the show but pointing out how important its message is in the country’s current political and social climate.

White people now intend to boycott Netflix, comparing a film about racial issues to a ‘white genocide’. It’s like everything should be about white people, like they aren’t privileged enough.

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Dear White People the series stars Logan Browning, Brandon Bell, DeRon Horton and Antoinette Robertson.

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