Racist Comments From Judge Go Unpunished

Judge Mike Erwin still keeps his post after making nasty racist comments towards a Black woman.

On Feb. 3 at Sammy’s Grill restaurant at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, judge Mike Erwin decided to make some aggressive racist comments after a Lyft driver gave his seat to a Black woman.



“You never give up your seat for a n—-r,” Judge Erwin said. “You should have made her get her fat n—-r a– up.”

erwin4 erwin5

Kaneitra Johnson’s story told on Facebook went viral. Neither Erwin not any other representatives of the local court have spoken out so the community decided to act on its own – Irwin has been banned from the restaurant where the incident took place.

erwin6 erwin7

The community demanded to fire Irwin but their voices haven’t been heard, and it is the most outrageous part of the story. A racist with the authority to make legal decisions is a threat to society!

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