People Are Rapping Over Beyoncé’s “Ego” To Proclaim Self-Love

To embrace our own flaws people are rapping over Beyoncé's "Ego" all over the Internet

An #EgoChallenge started after one Twitter user @ornicuhh asked her followers to start rapping over Beyonce‘s “Ego” about their insecurities. After some time more people joined. It’s become a powerful empowering message.


Bot only Twitter was under rapping magic barrage, Instagram users also joined into this empowerment act.

Not only women are rapping about it, men can to, and it’s great. We should love who we are, ans show it like we can.

Self-empowerment is hard, but when it done right you can not only affect yourself but others around you. Even simple rapping about your flaws is worth every effort. Black people are the most creative, and we find ways to express our feeling in most wonderful ways.

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