Chance The Rapper Shares His Father Cheat Code For Baby’s Hair

Chance the Rapper tweeted a 'cheat code' for all parents on how to do their baby's hair

Chance The Rapper shared with his secret to how to do baby’s hair, showing everyone that he’s Chance The Father.  Chance has rapped about his daughter in such songs as “Ultralight Beam” and “All We Got,” and at the top of the year, he shared the first photo of Kensli, writing, “She’s the woman who reminded me how to be a man, and taught me how to love.”

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Fatherhood is an important part of life, and we glad that Chance The Rapper not only accepted it well but spreads it. If there is something we need to work about it is on how to be good fathers for our youth who will be shaping our country. Good for him for making an example of a caring father!

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