Disney Has The Worst Record Of Hiring Black Directors

New study finds that Disney has the worst track record in hiring black directors in the last 10 years

University of Southern California’s new study, titled Inclusion in the Director’s Chair, took top grossing movies in the past decade and finds out that there wasn’t any progress in Disney towards diversity. And it’s not like black directors are bad, we got one of the best directors in America and they are willing to work. Disney as a media giant doesn’t want to make ‘risks’ with diversity. Smaller studios are doing better with diversity, but it saying a lot when the biggest player in the industry doesn’t want to deal with talented black directors.


The study was released days after the nominees for the 89th Academy Awards were announced, which saw several history-making submissions in the acting category, like Viola Davis becoming the first Black actress to be nominated three times. There also was a record established in directing with “Moonlight’s” Barry Jenkins being the first Black filmmaker nominated for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay. Black directors is the future of Hollywood, and soon if Disney won’t accept this we will have a future without Disney’s hegemony.

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