Whitewashing Of Black History Month Was Met By A Justifiable Backlash

Twitter reacts to whitewashing of Black Hisotry Month and it shows what is wrong with America

On the start of Black Hisotry Month white people already made an whitewashing attempt. Vice President Mike Pence tweeted in honor of Abraham Lincoln with hashtag #BlackHistoryMonth, missing the whole point of Black History Month. We got the shortest month in a year for it and white people still try to put white people above blacks. That is not acceptable and Twitter backlash shows exactly what’s wrong with our country.

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And people will say it’s just Pence whitewashing Black History month, but no, white people choose him to represent them. We, black people, have our own way and must teach our youth about Black history, so they remember and will not accept the conditions we lived and continue to live under.

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