Minority Voters Become The New White In 2016 Presidential Election.

It’s election time so they need your votes but be careful of who you choose this season that you might not be disappointed at the end. Author Steve Phillips explains why minority voters can no longer be an Afterthought.

The political activist, Steve Phillips raised the demographic issue changing in the U.S. in his book Brown Is The New Black.

The number of people of color has grown drastically from 12% of population to now approximately 38%. With this, political candidates have realized the impact of minority voters in winning the forthcoming election as it was in Obama’s 2012 victory over Romney. Romney won the majority white votes but that wasn’t enough for him as the Black voters came out in their numbers to vote for Obama.

Black Lives will only matter to them now because they need you to take them to white house. After elections you become the black male, who police will shoot ten times in the head for just trying to wave hands to the president and authorities won’t say a word.

It’s your right to exercise your franchise as a citizen but before you do, ask first who is ready to take the fight to eradicate racism, police brutality and injustice in the country. They will come with honey lips and give promises but you’ll realize that they are just cocks in pants. Share the message that others won’t be on the wrong side.

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