106-Year-Old Woman dances with joy at meeting the Obamas

Black History Month, “it’s about the lived, shared experience of all Africans Americans…,[who are] fighting the good fight not just on one day or one month but every single day, and… month,” –Obama.

Ever wondered what it is like for an imagination to come through? Or the sight of a twinkle-toed magic of a spry centenarian?
Honestly, it could trigger up the weirdest behavior to onlookers but for you, nothing else matters. All that counts is “I am so happy.”

106-Year-Old a D.C. resident, Virginia McLaurin, showed off her dance moves during her visit to the white house.

President Obama and Michelle hosted a reception in honor of Black History Month.

The celebration of Black History Month was documented in the White House video following the visit of a centenarian, McLaurin, 106, who tarried for such a long time to see her dreams come through.

In her own words, ‘I thought I would never live to get in the White House.’

In the video posted by the White House on Sunday, she was overwhelmed with excitement when she saw the “Black President” and his “Black Wife.”
She just could not contain the overwhelming elation. So, she broke into an impromptu dance with strength and vigor.

According to her, “I am so happy [to see] a Black President… a Black wife. And I’m here to celebrate black history.”

The president recognized the struggle fight of every African American. In a statement, he said, ‘I have no doubt that we are going to live up the promises of our founding ideals and that …they are going to have the opportunity to achieve their dreams.’

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