Fox Declined To Renew Stacey Dash’s Contract

Stacey Dash gets the boot at Fox News and Twitter celebrates it

Stacey Dash, the one former Fox CEO Roger Ailes reportedly called “the black girl”, has been kicked off one of her biggest soap boxes. Dash, 50, was signed by Fox in 2014 and was primarily seen on the afternoon news discussion program, Outnumbered, reports The Hill.


Having drawn the ire of viewers—and reportedly her own family members—for her retrograde opinions on race relations, women’s rights, and other hot-button issues, there wasn’t exactly an outpouring of sympathy for Stacey Dash, as Twitter users commenced with savage tweets.

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Stacey Dash deserved it, she could put her work into something that would help black people, but she just worked for herself. Anyway, black people should never see MSM as their only source of information, it will misguide us from our path.

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