Black-Owned Businesses Grow Best in These Cities

We picked up 10 cities which are best for making black-owned business. Read and start bringing your dream to life.

The Motivation Behind Our Findings

Mainstream media always has a way of leading our community down a rabbit trail. Taking propaganda and calling it news and putting it in front of us by way of social media, entertainment, and the nightly news. This method of feeding us so called news oftentimes influences our decisions about places to live, work and do business. The same propaganda is what keeps us chasing our tails. It’s divisive and misleading and it keeps us from fully realizing the American dream….a dream that should have made us rich from our time, talent, contributions, and gifts… decades ago. So, we decided to research and investigate the data that we could find about Black-owned businesses in this country to see where it would lead us versus where the media wants to push us. The list is surprising and the statistics in some places were staggering. If you are building a company and are looking for “the places to be”, this list is for you.

About The Data

According to the National Black Chamber of Commerce, there are more than 2.1 million registered Black-owned businesses in this country producing $138 billion dollars in revenue and they create approximately 921,000 jobs. Black Moguls Magazine crunched numbers for 100 metropolitan areas around the country with populations over 100,000 people; viewed statistics for medium incomes for Black people in these areas; factored the cost of living and unemployment rates to create this very telling Top 10 listing. The general thoughts and ideas on entrepreneurship are to solve problems that create economic opportunities for the community. Opportunities that also build financial freedom and independence for the owners and Founders. Numbers don’t lie.

Top-10 cities

10. Salt Lake City, Utah

9. Buffalo, New York

8. Montgomery, Alabama

7. Memphis, Tennessee

6. Washington, DC/Alexandria, Virginia

5. Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, NC

4. Baltimore, MD

3. Richmond, VA

2. Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL

1. Columbus, GA (Surprise! Surprise!)

Read more about each city here

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