Philadelphia school Teacher Mobilizes Black Men

Philadelphia school teacher, Sharif El-Mekki, is working to bring around 1,000 Black American men to school.

Though the percentage of Black male teachers in Philadelphia schools is a bit higher than nation’s average, only 5 percent, or less than 400, of Philadelphia School District teachers are Black males.





“If we have a high percentage of Black boys dropping out of our comprehensive high schools, that’s a leak. If we have folks not prepared for college, that’s a leak. Our Black boys aren’t being told, ‘You’re a great leader, why don’t you lead in a classroom?’” 

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Sharif El-Mekki has also launched the Fellowship: Black Male Educators for Social Justice. Now he is working to mobilize at least 1,000 Black men to come to school on the first day and serve as positive examples for city youths. Philadelphia school teacher also hopes to triple the number of Philly’s Black male educators by 2025.


It’s amazing when a man who is already successful with one of his initiatives doesn’t stop on what he achieved. We wish Sarif El-Mekki to reach his noble goals and even sooner than in 2025.


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