American Girl Company Diversifies Its Line Of Mostly White Dolls

On Friday American Girl doll producer introduces its first Black “Girl of the Year” doll.

Gabriela McBride is the first Girl of the Year doll since 2011 who wasn’t white.



This act can be considered the Mattel-owned company’s answer to criticism for producing too few dolls of color.



The 18-inch doll has its own beautiful story, presented by its author Teresa E. Harris in a series of three books.



A company representative, Stephanie Spanos, claimed, “The goal has always been to be able to create mirrors and windows for girls to see either a direct reflection of themselves or a window into a life or a culture that may be different from their own.” 

Gabriela McBride is lucky, she originates from an artistic family and discovered her voice through poetry, she is also fighting to save her community’s arts center. We wish all the real American girls of color to be given the same chances this toy character is given.

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