Will you allow your dignity to be soiled? Stand fast to your integrity

“Hey blacks: stop living in our society, go to Liberia, we bought it for you. We don't need you but you keep following us around” @georgestrong555

In a view to aggravate People of Color, some internet trolls have flexed their tweeter handle with obscenity “code of conduct” for black people in responds to a mere tongue-in-cheek.

Some have allegedly yelled and even published comments like, leave “our country” with the ever-popular, “go back to Africa” exclamation.

Noteworthy is the fact that Black people are clearly cognizant of their existence and excellence.

Historically, Black people have faced evolving racial injustice, police high profiling and the likes. The innate sense of self-confidence, perseverance and forgiveness cannot be overlooked however.

The fatal shooting that took place in Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, which left 9 black people dead, speaks volume of the forgiving qualities inborn and deep-seated in the black gene.

Additionally, the highly esteemed sense of creativity, innovation and determination showcased by Tiger Woods, Oprah, Ursula Burns, Beyoncé, Thurgood Marshall, Serena Williams, Denzel Washington, to mention but a few, undeniably indicates that black people are trendsetters, magical, broad-minded and humble.

Beyoncé has undoubtedly become a great motivator and inspires other black people to love what they have and who they are. She admits that she loves wide nostrils and her baby heir with baby hair and afros.

Does that send strange jitters down your spine? Well, she is 100 percent unapologetic about her ideal #BlackPanthers, which above all, shows the true spirit of resilience in black people.

It is not unnoticed that black people are industrious and persistently strive to have a better world with all-round justice, equality, and peaceful co-existence among others.

Black is beauty and it is important to be proud of who you are and the qualities that underscore your identity, sensitivity, creativity till infinity.

People of color are unapologetic about their history, nature and above all, skin which uniquely distinguish them at all times and in all places.

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