Former NFL Player Keion Carpenter Passes Away At 39

Keion Carpenter dies after he was in coma after an accident during his vacation. People were shocked with that unexpected news.

Ex-NFL player Keion Carpenter was one of the brightest Baltimore stars, and no one could ever imagine that he would die so early. He was only 39 years old and on vacation with his family.

Keion Carpenter

Keion CarpenterKeion Carpenter

Keion Carpenter was more than just a man from Baltimore, he was an Ambassador.

Keion CarpenterKeion Carpenter

People say that if Keion Carpenter hold on just for 3 days till the end of 2016 he would make it and be alive. Of course it’s a superstition to believe 2016 is a cursed year, but too many celebrities die this year both old and young.

Keion CarpenterKeion CarpenterKeion Carpenter

Keion Carpenter will always be remembered as a great person. Our condolences go to the family for such a tragic early loss.

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